Top 1 Year MBA Programs in Canada

The days of only having the option of 2+ year MBA programs are gone since now there are plenty of 8, 12, or even 16 month programs. For those of you who want to get an MBA but don’t have the time, money, nor desire to dedicate 2 years+ of your life getting it, YOUhub has compiled a list of the top 1 year MBA programs in Canada. This list however does not rank them as it is really important to consider the information in this article and choose the MBA that is best for YOU. Keep in mind, these programs almost all require an undergraduate business degree of some sort first as well as at least one year of relevant work experience. I will detail the specific requirements below.

-HEC Montreal
-Schulich School of Business - York University
-DeGroote School of Business – McMaster University
-Queen’s School of Business
-Beedie School of Business – Simon Fraser University
-Richard Ivey School of Business – University of Western Ontario
-John Molson School of Business – Concordia University
-Telfer School of Management – University of Ottawa
-Laurier School of Business & Economics

HEC Montreal

Program: Full-Time MBA
Duration: 58 weeks
City: Montreal
Tuition: $7,700  (Quebec), $15,000 (non-Quebec), $32,000 (international)
Admissions Criteria:
-EITHER hold a bachelor’s degree with an average deemed satisfactory OR studies completed abroad equivalent to a bachelor’s degree must total at least 16 years of studies
-Have at least three years of relevant post-graduation work experience.
-Take EITHER the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) OR the Test d’Aptitude aux Études de Gestion (TAGE-MAGE).

Top 1 Year MBA programs in Canada


HEC Montreal was Canada’s first business school that opened in 1907. Since then, HEC Montreal has become one of the best internationally known business schools in Canada offering degrees in French and English. The School was also the first in North America to hold the three most prestigious accreditations in its field: AACSB InternationalEQUIS and AMBA. The one year MBA program is one of the top 1 year MBA programs in the Canada as well as in the world. This claim can be backed up by Forbes ranking it as the 12th best 1 year MBA programs outside of the US.

Teaching methods range from computer simulations to case studies, role-playing exercises, oral presentations and lectures. For those looking to go into consulting, HEC Montreal has a terrific consulting project as part of this program. These project can have different focuses thus you can really get a taste of what you are looking to do with your career. For those who want to get involved in the IT sector or enterprise planning industry, HEC Montreal offers a truly unique opportunity by providing training in SAP that would be put towards allowing students to take the SAP certification (TERP10). HEC Montreal also has study abroad opportunities around the world with the list of partners growing every year.

HEC Montreal is a bit of a hidden gem in Canada as it is very well respected internationally, offers classes in English and/or French, and is one of the most affordable reputable MBA programs in the world. HEC Montreal is easily the best bang for your buck in terms of MBA programs in Canada.

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York University (Schulich)

Top 1 Year MBA programs in CanadaProgram: Accelerated MBA
Duration: 8 months
City: Toronto (North York)
Tuition: $31,362.20  (Canada), $38,361.90 (International)
Admissions Criteria:
-received a BBA or BComm from a Canadian university with at least a B average in the last two years of the program
-Have at least two years of post-graduation relevant work experience.
-An acceptable score on all four measurements of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).


Schulich is well known as one of the best graduate business schools in the world. In fact, its EMBA partnership with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business was ranked the best in the very best in the world by the Economist. As well, according to the Financial Times, Schulich offered the second best MBA in Canada (behind Rotman’s 2 year MBA) and 52nd best in the world. As well, BusinessWeek named Schulich the 14th best Full time MBA outside of the US and 5th best in Canada.

The accelerated MBA program essentially just gives you advanced standing to their typical full-time MBA which means you get to skip first year. The MBA program at Schulich offers an outstanding 9 specializations, including management functions such as finance and marketing; industries or sectors such as financial services, public management, nonprofit management and leadership; or management topics such as international business, entrepreneurial studies, and business and sustainability. Despite all these possibilities, the program does not require specialization in a certain field and it gives you considerable flexibility to take a wide variety of courses. Specialization may also take the form of a degree program such as the International MBA (IMBA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), or MBA/JD; and/or graduate diploma programs in real estate and infrastructure, democratic administration, financial engineering, or arts and media administration, non-profit management and leadership, or justice system administration. The iMBA is well known as one of the best international business graduate degrees in the world and was the first of its kind in Canada. Schulich also offers some of the best exchange opportunities around the world.

If you want a top of the line MBA with terrific reputation, Schulich is a great option even with it’s competitive tuition.

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McMaster University (DeGroote)

 Top 1 Year MBA programs in CanadaProgram: Accelerated MBA
Duration: 8 months
City: Hamilton
Tuition: $15,975  (Canada), $29,885 (International)
Admissions Criteria:
-EITHER have an undergraduate degree in business OR are a graduate of McMaster’s Engineering and Management program
-Have at least one year of post-graduation relevant work experience.
-Received at least a B grade in all business and introductory economics courses that are equivalent to courses in our first-year curriculum.


Degroote MBA is a fairly old MBA having been established in 1962 and went on to create Canada’s first co-op MBA program in 1973. It’s good to note that the school is AACSB accredited making it one of the 5% in the world with the designation. McMaster itself has a fairly good reputation although the university and DeGroote aren’t quite in the same league as some of the elite schools. For instance, DeGroote ranked 58th best Full-time MBA in the world and 12th best in Canada according to the QS Rankings which is admirable, but not terrific.

The DeGroote MBA allows for specialization out of 10 options including a management accounting stream that can help you work towards your CMA. Similarly, students interested in getting SAP certified in business integration can take SAP-supported MBA courses offered at McMaster University and then become elligible for a week certification course by SAP. Degroote does offer one truly unique specialization in its specialization in Health Services Management so if you’re interested in this area, this is a great opportunity.

Given the cost of the MBA for domestic students, a DeGroote MBA might be one of the best values, especially if you intend to pursue a CMA, CGA, or SAP certification. It is for this reason that it is one of the best 1 year mba programs in Canada.

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Queen’s University

Program: Accelerated MBA
Duration: 12 months
City: Kingston based, but can be taken in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Ottawa, Montreal
Tuition: $61,688
Admissions Criteria:
-EITHER have an undergraduate degree in business OR are a graduate of McMaster’s Engineering and Management program
-Have at least one year of post-graduation relevant work experience.
-Received at least a B grade in all business and introductory economics courses that are equivalent to courses in our first-year curriculum.

 Top 1 Year MBA programs in Canada


Queen’s school of Business is fully accredited by AACSB and EQuis, through the European Foundation for Management development and is well known as one of the best business schools in Canada and the world. Although more known for their top tier undergraduate program (BComm), they are also well regarded for graduate degrees. In 2012, BusinessWeek named Queen’s Full time MBA as the fourth best outside of the US and best in Canada.

The best part of the Queen’s Accelerated MBA is that it can be taken from numerous major cities in Canada making it extremely appealing. Furthermore, by scheduling classes all day Sunday and Monday morning of every other week, Queen’s gives you 12 days off between class weekends so you can carry on with your life. It almost seems to good to be true and one must wonder how such a program could deliver high quality education in one year while delivering the content that other typical accelerated MBA’s would do over 20 months for part-time like this. But with Queen’s, you can assured that quality is not compromised as this is made possible by the fact that there are three on-campus sessions during the program which account for approximately 50% of your total class hours. During this time at Queen’s, you will be put up at “executive class” accommodations. The program focuses on strategic thinking, leadership, finance, accounting, global business economics, information technology, operations and entrepreneurship. One unique part of the program is that During the program, students will have the opportunity to pursue a Certificate in Socially Responsible Leadership by using their courses towards the certification.

This is one of the most flexible as well as best 1 year MBA programs available in Canada from an elite business school. The only downside to this is the very high cost for a one year program making it one of the most expensive in Canada but these costs can be somewhat justified given the quality of education and the fact that students are able to continue to work. The flexibility and quality of this MBA makes it one of the top 1 year MBA programs in Canada.

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Simon Fraser University (Beedie)

 Top 1 Year MBA programs in Canada

Program: Full-Time MBA
Duration: 12 months
City: Vancouver
Tuition: $34,500
Admissions Criteria:
-A Bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from a recognized University with GPA of 3.0 (B) or better
-Have at least two years of post-graduation work experience.
-Minimum 550 GMAT score


Although Simon Fraser is not an ‘elite’ university per se, it is a very good university and the Beedie School of Business is most definitely a quality business school. The Beedie School of Business created the first Executive MBA in Canada and has since become the largest business school in Western Canada. Furthermore,it is accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS. Moreover, In 2011, the school was ranked among the Top 25 business schools in the world for management research and ranked second in Canada based on research productivity in the Financial Times top 40 publications.

While most <=1 year MBA’s require a business background, the Beedie MBA does not, meaning if you took a Bachelor of Arts and want to move into business, this is a tremendous way of doing it quickly while getting a quality degree. In fact, this MBA is actually targeting non-business undergrads. One interesting part of the program is that the strategic management course is taught through the simulation of running a real business given students a real hands on experience. Another interest opportunity is that each year students have the opportunity to participate in a crosscultural trip to an emerging overseas market to analyze and understand an unfamiliar business culture. At the end of the 12-month program, students can apply for the Beedie MBA Internship which begin each September, are full-time, and are 4 months in length.

Although the MBA is somewhat pricey (a bit more than Schulich), for those who don’t have a business background and need to get up to speed quickly, this is a great MBA options. Furthermore, thanks to the internship opportunity, students can use their skills and immediately start using them. Thus, this is probably the best MBA program in Canada for non-business undergraduates, especially given that it is only 1 year.

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Western University (Ivey)

 Top 1 Year MBA programs in CanadaProgram: Full-Time MBA
Duration: 12 months
City: London
Tuition: $78,280 (domestic), $88,500 (international)
Admissions Criteria:
-A Bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from a recognized University with GPA of 3.0 (B) or better
-Have at least two years of post-graduation full-time work experience.
-Minimum 600 GMAT score


Ivey is well known as being one of the very best business schools in Canada. Its HBA program is one of, if the not the most, prestigious undergraduate business program in Canada. The MBA program was the first in Canada and first outside of the US and was modelled based on the Harvard Business School’s 2 year MBA. However, a few years ago Ivey decided to trim down the full-time MBA making it achievable in just 12 months. The Financial Times ranked Ivey’s Full-Time MBA as the fifth best in Canada and 78th in the world. As well, BusinessWeek ranked Ivey’s MBA as the second best in Canada and 7th best in the world outside of the US. Moreover, the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report ranked Western’s full-time MBA as 12th best in the North America and best in Canada.

Ivey is well known as using a case-method teaching style and this is no different with the MBA program making it the only case-based program in Canada. This results in students getting more hands on work rather than traditional lecture based teaching. The degree is fairly flexible as it gives students the opportunity over three elective periods to specialize in one of six career-focused areas or students can simply select a variety of electives to give a great exposure. As well, students have the option of participating in an international study trip to China, India or Latin America for elective credit that allows them to interact with business and make connections.

When looking at all the rankings, it’s clear that Ivey’s full-time MBA is definitely one of the best in the world and especially in Canada. What makes it even more impressive is that it is done in one year, making it for sure one of the top 1 year MBA programs in Canada but also the most expensive for a 1 year program.

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Concordia University (Molson)

Program: Accelerated MBA
Duration: 12 months (16 months max)
City: Montreal
Tuition: $ 3,251.70 (Quebec), $ 8,787.15 (Canada), $ 29,488.95 (International)
Admissions Criteria:
-A recognized Canadian or American Bachelor of Commerce degree completed with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.3/4.3
-Have at least two years of post-graduation full-time work experience.
-Minimum 600 GMAT score


 Top 1 Year MBA programs in CanadaThe John Molson School of Business (JMSB ) is among the best business schools in the country as seen by its AACSB accredidation. It is also the largest English-language business school in Canada in terms of student enrollment. This large student enrollment does not however result in poor quality as seen by it being ranked by The Economist in 2013 as the 47th best  Executive MBA program in the world and second among solely Canadian programs. Furthermore, in the same report, it was ranked as 78th best MBA in the world and in the 3rd best full-time MBA in Canada.

The Accelerated MBA essentially just reduces the number of required credits in the Full-Time MBA from 57 down to 45 since the Full-Time MBA is more targeted for non-business degree undergraduates. A portion of the 13 required courses are therefore not required as they are more like overviews for non-business students however, there are still some required courses. In addition, students must complete 18 credits by choosing a variety of elective courses, and/or out-of-classroom activities (each course is 3 or 6 credits). Of these electives, there are “out of classroom options” that include being involved in the MBA Case Competition, doing a research paper, be part of the MBA Small Business Consulting Bureau, sign up for the MBA Community Service Initiative internship, or the get involved in the MBA Practicum. The program also allows for an international exchange program where tuition fees remain the same but students have the possibility of receiving up to $1000 a month in free bursary money from the Québec Government (must be Quebec resident).

Although JMSB isn’t an elite school like Ivey, Rotman, or Queen’s, it is still a top notch institution with a good Accelerated MBA option. When you combine the quality of education at JMSB with the cost of this MBA, this is an absolute steal as it is one of the cheapest 1 year MBA programs in Canada and the cheapest on this list.

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University of Ottawa (Telfer)

 Top 1 Year MBA programs in CanadaProgram: Full-Time (Intensive) MBA
Duration: 12 months
City: Ottawa
Tuition: $23,293 (Canada), $34,674 (International)
Admissions Criteria:
-A Canadian baccalaureate degree or its equivalent with a minimum standing of B or 70 percent
-Have at least three years of relevant post-graduation full-time work experience.
-A competitive GMAT score (likely not lower than 550)


The Telfer School of Business is one of the very few business schools in the world to have earned the three most demanding accreditations (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS). In fact, there are only two schools in North America (the other being HEC Montreal) that have these three and therefore this must be considered and applauded.  Furthermore, The Telfer School of Management has been recognized as an outstanding business school by The Princeton Review and is only one of 16 in the world that are outside of the US (out of 296 total). Therefore, it can be concluded that Telfer is a top notch business school, although not along the ranks of ‘elite’ schools.

The program itself is organized in six-week blocks covering fundamental business disciplines such as strategy, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, and information systems. One great opportunity that Telfer offers is the Consulting Project which is conducted under the supervision of Telfer School professors and the mentorship of professionally Certified Management Consultants (CMC). This project also accelerates professional accreditation with the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and is a tremendous opportunity for those who want to become consultants. There is no specialization per se in the Telfer MBA program, but students have the opportunity to take electives so that it’s not a set program.

Telfer undoubtedly offers great quality of education, but it simply isn’t an elite school. Its price is therefore a bit on the high side of reasonable since it is in between DeGroote and Schulich even though DeGroote and Telfer are similar in terms of quality, whereas Schulich is a considerably better business school.

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Laurier University

 Top 1 Year MBA programs in CanadaProgram: Full-Time One Year MBA
Duration: 12 months
City: Waterloo
Tuition: $26,453.70 (Canada), $34,475.40 (International)
Admissions Criteria:
-A four year undergraduate degree or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized university with a minimum B standing (73%) in the final year of university study
-Have at least two years of post-graduation full-time work experience.
-A minimum GMAT score of 550


Although Laurier generally isn’t mentioned as one of the elite business schools in Canada, it is arguably the next best. Laurier School of Business & Economics was named an “outstanding business school” by The Princeton Review, making it one of the 16 outside of the US,  which acknowledged that “We are pleased to recommend Laurier as one of the best institutions students could attend to earn an MBA”. This, along with its AACSB International accreditation, Laurier has the chops to be a top notch business school.

The One Year MBA program is based on Laurier’s coined “Integrated Core” teaching method that they say is the only business school that incorporates all eight of the core fundamental business courses in a seamless, holistic delivery style that is exactly how things work in the real world. The Laurier MBA also always for specialization in one of ten choices. In addition, the program has a couple of interesting projects available such as the company project (Performing a strategic and financial analysis of a company and proposing whether to buy, hold, or sell stock), country project (Analyzing the opportunities of a Canadian firm to operate in an international market), the applied research consulting project (providing consulting services to a real-life business as a team), and the Live Integrated Core Exercise Project (A case competition in which teams present a strategic recommendation to a real company and their executives facing a current business issue). If you wish to work towards your CFA or CMA, you can combine your degree with either of these designations but that would obviously take longer, but it’s still the only of its kind in Canada. One of the most interesting things about the MBA program is that graduates benefit from a whopping 94% increase in salary upon graduation which makes this an incredibly attractive MBA.

As such, we again think that this is an absolute hidden gem and doesn’t get the reputation and accolades that it should. Even though Laurier is not an elite school, this is possibility the closest thing to it (and is priced as such), not just for MBA’s but also for undergrads. This is an absolutely underrated program and school and therefore should be highly considered as one of the best 1 year mba programs in Canada.

Other 1 Year MBAs

University of Sasketchewan (Edwards) - Full-time MBA

University of Guelph (College of Management & Economics) - 13 Month MBA

St Mary’s University (Sobey) - Accelerated MBA

Brock University (Goodman) – MBA

Cape Breton University (Shannon) – MBA: Community Economic Development

Carleton University (Sprott) – MBA

Laurentian University – MBA

Universite Laval - MBA

University of Manitoba (Asper) – MBA

University of New Brunswick (St John) - MBA

Ryerson University – MBA Global or MBA MTI


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    For those of you who want to get an MBA but don’t have the time, money, nor desire to dedicate 2 years+ of your life getting it, YOUhub has compiled a list of the top 1 year MBA programs in Canada. Keep in mind, these programs almost all require an undergraduate business degree of some sort first as well as at least one year of relevant work experience. I will detail the specific requirements below.

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    I am interested in doing a 1 year mba program from Canada. Can you please help me out?

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    absolutely we can help you out.
    feel free to contact us via email and we can get started.

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    i need immediate job after mba here in canada can u guide me a university or offering that

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    i live in uae and i am interested in doing a 1 year mba on line program from concordia university molson from canada can you please help me out

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    I am interested in full time MBA for 1 year to accelerate my carrer.

    I have completed BE in Computer Science Engineering in June 2006 .
    I am having full time experience in IT industry since 9 years and now I am looking for the programme which gives me growth .

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For the options that are simple buttons (e.g. bold, italics), one can select text and then click the button to apply the tag around the selected text.

For the options at open panels (e.g. link), open the panel first, add the url to the text box (if link), then hit Apply Link. If it's font sizing or colors, then select the text and click the size you want, e.g., xx-small.

About bbPress Post Toolbar


This toolbar allows simple click-to-add HTML elements.

Version 0.7.5 by master5o1.

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