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Are you in high school and want to get into one of thevery best engineering schools in Canada? Or are you already in university and looking to transfer into an engineering program? Either way, the YOUhub team has created the most comprehensive analysis on the web of the best engineering schools in Canada. If you need help with your application, or just need some advice, feel free to contact us.

This article will evaluate each school based on 3 criteria; quality of education, reputation, and university life. This will ultimately result in a final score based on equal weightings, although somebody may weigh some things more heavily than others (for instance, if you have no intention of enjoying university, then university life won’t mean much to you).

The top 5 best Engineering schools in Canada are as follows (in no particular order). Please either read through or click on each school to jump there.

-University of Waterloo
-University of British Columbia
-University of Toronto
-McGill University
-University of Ottawa

University of Waterloo

Quality of Education – 9.5/10

According to Business Insider, Waterloo Engineering was the best engineering school in Canada. This is a pretty good indication of the quality of education at Waterloo, but this is particularly impressive when you consider it was the 29th best engineering school in the world. For this ranking, Business Insider asks professionals to rank the schools and the most important factor (73.9%) was quality of education.

Waterloo also has some of the best professors in the world teaching, therefore enhancing the quality of education. This shouldn’t be a surprise though considering it is the biggest engineering school in Canada and offers 13 bachelor degree programs and 31 graduate degree programs.

Another great part of Waterloo Engineering is the inclusion of co-op in all of the undergraduate degrees. This is great hands-on education for the students and makes them more employable.

It is important to note, Waterloo didn’t submit any information to World University Rankings and therefore it is not ranked in that report.

For information on how to get into Waterloo engineering, please refer to this article.

Reputation – 10/10

Regardless of the quality of education, Waterloo has hands down the best reputation in Canada. This is partly because of the big name graduates that came from Waterloo, but also just because it’s the largest in Canada. That being said, the best employers like Google, IBM and Microsoft extensively recruit from Waterloo Engineering. The second most important value in Business Insiders rankings was the brand value of the university, which essentially just is its reputation.

Waterloo also got an A+ according to Globe and Mail’s rankings when it came to reputation with employers.

According to USNews’s ranking of best engineering schools in the world, Waterloo came 2nd in Canada and 34th in the world for computer science.

Based on its reputation alone, you have to consider Waterloo as one of the best engineering schools in Canada.

University Life – 6.5/10

Waterloo doesn’t exactly have the most active or exciting campus. Due to the intense nature of the programs Waterloo doesn’t have the same kind of party atmosphere that other schools have that are less work intensive. This is compounded due to the lack of attractions in the city of Waterloo compared to U of T or McGill. Waterloo also got the second lowest ranking of C for Work-play balance on Globe and Mail’s results.

On the Globe and Mail student satisfaction survey (2013), Waterloo scored a B+ for campus atmosphere, putting it around the middle of the pack for the size of the school. On the bright side, students gave Waterloo a B+ for student residences, placing it in second place.

The facilities are top notch, but the campus itself isn’t very exciting and it’s quite big, making it difficult to get around.

Overall, if you want to have a crazy time at a gorgeous campus, Waterloo isn’t for you.

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University of British Columbia

UBC aerial view

Quality of Education – 8.5/10

UBC is an all round good school, but its engineering school is one of the best schools in Canada. It was ranked 2nd best engineering school in Canada according to the World University Rankings behind U of T and ahead of universities such as University of Hong Kong and Duke University. This alone speaks volumes to its quality of education.

Furthermore, UBC has 11 undergraduate engineering programs compared to U of T’s 9 as well as 10 specializations for graduate studies.

The university as a whole is also consistently ranked among the best in the world thus you can be assured that the quality of teaching is top notch.

Reputation – 9/10

UBC’s reputation is almost as good as it gets in Canada and internationally. The Globe and Mail gave it a grade of A for reputation with employers, finishing just behind McGill and Waterloo.

This is illustrated by UBC Engineering being ranked 27th best engineering school in North America and second in Canada according to the USNews World Best University rankings, ranking it even higher than Waterloo. This ranking is based 73% on employer input and therefore this ranking carries some weight with regards to the school’s reputation.

University Life – 8.5/10

UBC is an incredibly fun school. The campus is stunning (making our most beautiful campuses in Canada list) and alumni consistently rave about how much fun they have. The school has all the clubs and societies needed as well as having ten international fraternities making it one the most highly “fraternized” in Canada.

Despite this, according to the Globe and Mail student satisfaction survey, UBC got ok reviews for campus atmosphere, student residence, and city satisfaction. We have our doubts on these results.

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University of Toronto

Quality of Education – 9.5/10

The University of Toronto alone is known for high quality education. With regards to engineering, U of T is consistently highly ranked when it comes to quality of education.

The World University Rankings has U of T Engineering ranked 1st in Canada and 22nd in the world. As well, U of T came 13th in the world according to the 2012 Academic Ranking of World Universities. Similarly, it came second in Canada and 35th in the world according to the Business Insider 2013 rankings.

U of T offers 9 undergraduate programs and as well as 3 graduate degrees (plus doctorate) and therefore offers a good variety of options.

This makes it clear that U of T engineering is most definitely one of the best engineering schools in Canada.

As a side note, their website is really bad.

Reputation – 9.5/10

According to the 2012 USnews World’s Best University Rankings, U of T was the only university in Canada to make the cut for all of the main engineering areas. As well, in some categories where it wasn’t the only school, it came first in Canada.

According to the Globe and Mail 2013 student satisfaction survey, U of T came second in its size for reputation among employers, receiving a score of A.

Large employers like Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, etc also extensively recruit from U of T Engineering.

University Life – 7/10

The University of Toronto can be what you make it. Given its large campus situated in the core of the largest city in Canada, the university life is largely based on the city itself as opposed to many smaller universities that have more a community feel. If you like crowds, big cities, and lots of options outside of the university campus, this university is great for you. However, the feel is largely similar to living downtown after graduation so it doesn’t really offer a unique university experience.  As a result, the ranking here is comparatively low.

It also was ranked fairly middle of the pack according to the Globe and Mail with regards to residence and campus atmosphere but proved very poorly for work-play balance.

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McGill University

Quality of Education – 8/10

It is not unknown that McGill’s offers excellent quality of education. It’s engineering programs are no different. McGill offers 10 different undergraduate engineering programs and 7 graduate degree programs.

It did not make the top 50 engineering schools according to World University Rankings or according to Business Insider, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have a great quality of education. It still offers a great variety of specializations and a top notch level of education and is definitely one of the best engineering schools in Canada.

The Macdonald Engineering BuildingReputation – 9/10

It is no surprise that McGill was ranked as having the best reputation among employers according to the Globe and Mail. This claim is backed up by being ranked 47th in the world for engineering (3rd in Canada) according to USNews World’s Best University rankings.

As such, McGill attracts some big name employers such as Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft.

University Life -7/10

The campus is located in Montreal, which is known as a very exciting and fun city. However, as was the case with the University of Toronto, this doesn’t allow students to have a unique university experience. It is however known to be a fairly boring university when not considering the surrounding nightlife.

As such, McGill students gave the city good marks according to the Globe and Mail student satisfaction survey as well as equally good marks for student residences and average marks for campus atmosphere.

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University of Ottawa

Quality of Education – 8/10

The University of Ottawa is not always known for having the very best quality of education in Canada, but when it comes to engineering, Ottawa U is one of the best engineering schools in Canada. It was third in Canada and 44th in the world according to the Business Insider 2013 rankings of Engineering Schools.

The school offers 8 different undergraduate programs and 11 graduate programs that can be done in English, French or both languages, making it the only bilingual engineering school in North America. This gives Ottawa U a tremendous advantage over other universities for those looking to increase their opportunities post-graduation.

Ottawa U also offers a co-op for all 8 undergraduate programs which can be greatly beneficial for career preparation.

As such, the quality of education at Ottawa U for engineering is quite good.

Reputation – 7.5/10

Ottawa U might not have the glamour or huge reputation that Waterloo or U of T do when it comes to engineering, but it does have a fairly good reputation. Being located in Ottawa, many local organizations recruit from Ottawa U knowing that it offers good graduates. This presents tremendous opportunities for graduates since Ottawa has the second-highest concentration of engineering and science employment in North America.

University Life – 7.5/10

Ottawa U came middle of the pack when it came to Campus Atmosphere according to the Globe and Mail student satisfaction survey. Similarly, it also came middle of the pack for student residence.

Ottawa isn’t a ‘fun’ city like Toronto or Montreal, but for students, it is good because the downtown region is fairly small compared to those cities and thus the whole city is accessible to students. Furthermore, the city if safer than Toronto and Montreal making it more comfortable for students to walk home at night. As a result, Ottawa U got an A- for city satisfaction from the Globe and Mail student satisfaction survey.

Fraternities are also allowed at Ottawa U thus making it a bit more interesting. The school itself doesn’t offer a unique university experience however as it is large and scattered around downtown Ottawa.


As explained above, all of these criteria are equally rated so our finally score may not reflect what you need so please read the entire article. That being said, our final score of the best engineering schools in Canada is below:







Be sure to check out our forum to see what else is being talked about!

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Honourable Mentions

McMaster University

McMaster has a pretty good engineering program but being stuck in Hamilton isn’t always desirable. They also have pretty unique 5 year undergraduate programs that deserve some interest.

University of Alberta

U of A’s engineering is one of the best known in Canada, biggest and also one of the oldest. If you are from the Prairies and don’t want to travel far, this is by far your best bet.

Queen’s University

Queen’s has one of the best reputations in Canada and it’s not different for their engineering program. A particular strength is their ability to effectively teach communication and interpersonal skills.

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    Alex Dorward

    Are you in high school and want to get into the very best engineering school possible? Or are you already in university and looking to get master to solidify the chances of you landing a good, relevant job? Either way, the YOUhub team has created the most comprehensive analysis on the web of the best engineering schools in Canada.

    [See the full post at:]

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    #33555 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    All the best. Please let us know if you need help with applications.

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    What is your opinion on University of Calgary? Living in Calgary I feel it would be my best choice.

    #36749 Reply


    University of Calgary has a pretty good engineering school. Although it is probably not as good as U of A, but it’s still pretty good. it also hands out the most entrance scholarships out of any other engineering university in canada.

    #40609 Reply


    Thanks a lot for this information. Indeed I did find it very useful as a prospective international student. Does this ranking apply to their graduate engineering programs too? I saw your invite for assistance with applications up in the comments above. Might I humbly ask for some assistance from you? I’m hoping I can use some of your advice with my applications. Please contact me via my email address. Thanks once again.

    #40612 Reply


    Thanks for this information. Indeed I found it useful as a prospective international graduate student. Does this ranking apply to graduate engineering programs as well? I saw your offer for assistance with applications up above in the comments. Can I humbly request for your assistance also? I’m hoping I can benefit from your advice while applying to Canadian grad schools. Please contact me by my email address. Thanks once again.

    #44650 Reply


    How is the petroleum engineering program at University of Regina?

    #44658 Reply


    The program is one of the largest accredited petroleum engineering programs in North America.It is also the most reputable in Canada.
    Some good stats can be found here. Some other colleges offer such a degree and the university of calgary has a masters in that subject, but no other universities have an undergrad degree of this type.

    #64223 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    This list is inclusive of grad schools. I will contact you directly via email though.

    #66446 Reply


    What about university of regina

    #66724 Reply


    could you please tell me what you think of the engineering program at the university of Dalhousie? is Halifax as safe as say ottawa?

    #71790 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    Thanks for commenting.
    Engineering program at Dal is kind of like the eng program of the maritimes. Many other smaller universities offer engineering programs but cannot offer b. eng. unlike dal.
    as such, it is probably your best bet in the maritimes for Engineering.
    With regards to safety, halifax is a safe city, but not as safe as ottawa. There has been recently quite a few stabbings given the size of the town, but these seem to be limited to gang related people involved.

    nonetheless, halifax is a TERRIFIC university city. i would definitely recommend it as a destination and you won’t go wrong with dal eng.
    Hope this helps!

    #71793 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    University of regina is a good engineering school, but simply isn’t in the top 5.
    what kind of engineering are you interested in?

    #74807 Reply

    myriam farhat

    hi, i am a tunisian student and i would like to know how can i apply for toronto school, can you help please?

    #76034 Reply


    You mentioned: “Specifically, in Computer Science, it came 15th in the world”, but “Computer Science” is not engineering.

    #82695 Reply


    How does University of New Brunswick engineering program compare? I thought it was fairly highly ranked?

    #83968 Reply


    i want to pursue MSC in industrial engineering,which school is the best place to read industrial?Which school can offer best value for funding? What are the requirements of these schools especially for international students like us?
    thank you.

    #84167 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    UNB is actually the oldest university level engineering school in Canada.
    The faculty of engineering at UNB was ranked in the top 10 engineering schools in Canada by Knight School Rankings so it is definitely a good school, however, doesn’t quite have the same reputation as the other schools mentioned. As such, had this been a top 10 list, UNB would definitely be in consideration.
    Specifically, biomedical engineering is well known at UNB and therefore if you are interested in such fields, I would advise looking up the research facility there.

    #84168 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    U of T would probably be your best bet but is also quite expensive. A good value school would be Dal or especially McGill for Quebec residents. If you would like to contact us via email, we can discuss this in further detail to address all your questions.


    #84169 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    we can absolutely help you.
    if you contact our admissions consulting via email we can help you out with the entire application process.

    #84170 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    thank you for pointing out that mistake. we have removed that from the article.
    Thanks and we encourage you to continue to interact on our site.

    #95537 Reply


    I am having a hard time choosing between Dal engineering and UOttawa engineering. Need some advices.

    #95938 Reply

    Alex Dorward

    Those are both good engineering schools – what kind of engineering are you looking forward to? What kind of climate do you like? Where are you currently located?
    If you could get back to us with that info, we can make some recommendations!

    #98853 Reply


    Hi Alex,
    I am taking up Bio-Medical Engg (Undergrad) in UVic (Victoria, BC) starting Sep 2014. How is the Bio-Med program? It is not yet accredited and UVic is targetting to get it done with their first batch in 2016. So I am little confused with all this. Also do you have any recommendation or advise to other engineering programs? Thanks!

    #98917 Reply


    I am from India. My son is 15 yrs old and will be appearing for SAT in Jan 2015. If he wants to apply for engineering program in one of the above mentioned Universities, what should be his SAT score? Also I would like to know about the scholarships and financial aid provided.

    #106387 Reply


    i am from india and I’ve been accepted in uni of regina for January intake. I would like to know about the reputation of the university for petroleum systems engineering program.

    #107049 Reply

    Ibrahim Bin Jahri

    Thanks for this information

    #107100 Reply

    Vojin Mihailo

    What is your opinion on the Engineering Program at Ryerson University. I aim to become an Aerospace Engineer, and am contemplating one of two career pathways (also the company that i intend to apply to is Bombardier – which takes Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering credentials).I personally feel its better to take the Aerospace Stream at Ryerson – since they are only one of two universities that offer it. But everyone tells me that Ryerson is a bad school for engineering. But i feel that the prestige of the school, has little impact, but rather soft skills (social skills, interview skills, teamwork etc.), employment history, internships taken and location of industry are more important (which both Ryerson and Bombardier are in Toronto).Plus, Ryerson has a 12 – 16 month Industrial Internship for it’s Aerospace Stream.

    Option # 1:

    Mechanical Engineering (Ex: Waterloo) -> Apply to Bombardier
    Mechanical Engineering (Ex: Waterloo) -> Masters in Aerospace Eng. -> Apply to Bombardier

    Option # 2: the more logical option in my opinion
    Aerospace Engineering (Ryerson) -> Apply to Bombardier


    Thank You.

    #110415 Reply

    Erinwusi Seyi

    Hello Alex,
    My son will be finishing his secondary education shortly and I need you to guide me on his admission to Waterloo to study Chemical Engineering. Let me also know available scholarship.

    Kindly get back to me through my mail address.

    Thank you

    #116788 Reply

    Jordon Brooks

    Can you tell me your opinion on the University of Windsor engineering school please. Also, do most engineering students who would like to pursue graduate studies, do so at the same university?

    I am wondering if I should attend the program at the university that offers the graduate program I am interested in.


    #116810 Reply

    sana ullah

    can you help can apply in best engineering school of canada …

    #119219 Reply


    why being stuck in Hamilton isn’t always desirable ????

    #119478 Reply

    Jatinder Aujla

    Hi Alex,

    My son is completing his mechanical engineering in India in2016. He wants to do post graduation in Industrial engineering in Canada. Which colleges will be suitable for him? Hw would prefer Vancouver as we have relatives with whom he can stay.

    #119907 Reply


    <span style=”text-decoration:line-through;”>please advise me about university of Ottawa for post graduate degree in mechanical engineering. I am from India. Thanks

    #120691 Reply

    Georg Tchernev

    Hi i would like to ask you is the biomedical mechanical engineering in Univeristy of Ottawa good? And will that degree get me a good job in the future?

    #120748 Reply


    I’ll like to know how one could get scholarship to Canadian universities or which of the Canadian universities offering scholarship?

    #120939 Reply


    I would like to ask that I am finding a best college in Canada to do high school diploma in mechanical. suggest me some colleges name

    #124011 Reply


    I live in the city of Waterloo, which the university is the best in engineering programs, but too bad for me, i got rejected. I was interested in civil engineering. I am thinking to apply for Lakehead University.Would that be a good choice for this program.


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